Samples of Recent Book Covers

Here are samples of some recent books or covers that have been produced at Aeonix Publishing Group (click on the thumbnail for a larger image of most of these covers).

Making Rain is a fascinating novel of lawyers involved in international treachery, written by Jerry Sears. Join George Chambers, an expensive Harvard educated lawyer, in China as he works on a complex arrangement involving emerging technologies and political conflicts in the heat of difficult negotiations, competition, and the wilting humidity of late summer along the China coast. Meet Brad Talbert, George's introverted junior partner and gopher as he struggles with his internal demons that hold him back from success. Watch this tale unfold while the double-crosses and greed get the upper hand with multiple 'shadow' labs supported by traffic in illegal baby adoptions, smuggling, and total corruption of government officials and business executives alike. The cover features an image of the author modified to appear like a 'pen and ink' drawing and light type listing the various issues covered in the book (ethics, evasion, responsibility, imprudence, values, mendacity, obligation, duplicity, strength, treachery, honor, infidelity, duty, loyalty) with a faint representation of Chinese characters to reflect the setting of much of the action in the story. This book features two versions, one for the general trade market and one for professional legal organizations to use as an ethics training guide including discussion questions in an appendix. Learn more about this book at

What's Wrong With Dorfman? is a humorous novel by John Blumenthal. Martin Dorfman is a 40-year-old screenwriter who's suddenly beset with a mysterious illness with bizarre symptoms. He meets the beguiling Delilah Foster, another hypochondriac, in an encounter in the Doctor's waiting room. Meanwhile, he finally sells a script that falls into "Hollywood Development Hell." Will Dorfman find a cure? Will his script become a movie? Will he leave his wife and elope with Delilah? And, more importantly, what indeed is wrong with Dorfman? Find out at the What's Wrong With Dorfman web site! The cover features a painting by Rembrandt, "The Anatomy Lesson Of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp."

January Magazine named What's Wrong With Dorfman? as one of the 50 best books of the year 2000. In their review, they particularly mentioned the cover illustration as being a humorous support to the theme of the novel.





In The Name Of Help by Diane Klein is a chilling expose of the all-too-common savage abuses of psychiatric treatment. Cathryn Silberg Kent appears to have it all. She is the beautiful and intelligent daughter of wealthy Midwest parents, but dark secrets lie underneath this facade and Cathryn seeks psychiatric help. It is the beginning of a downward spiral, a spiral that ends in an abyss of mind-altering drugs, physical and emotional abuses, and finally, electric shock treatments. Her life is no longer her own. Cathryn becomes a ward of the state -- and a human pawn in a web woven by a corrupt system. The tragedy of Cathryn Silberg Kent brings home the horrors that lie just beneath the surface of our modern society, horrors that are all the more shocking because they could happen to anyone. Not since Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in 1962, has a novel dealt such a formidable blow to the atrocities that exist in what we call our 'mental health' system. Find out more at: The cover features a photograph of a young lady "deep frozen" with ice crystals in her hair and on her eyelashes. The photo is symbolic of the "freezer storage" that so often happens to those who fall into the cracks of the mental health "system."


Carved In Stone by Bill Douros is a "docudrama" about Greek immigrants at the turn of the 20th Century. While the stories told all actually happened, for continuity, some of the characters are blends of real people and in other cases slight adjustments to times and locations were made. If real people in real historical situations is something you're attracted to, then this book will be quite satisfying. Carved In Stone was named "Best First Novel," "Best Cover Design," "Best Cover Illustration," "Best Interior Design," and "Best Interior Illustration" for 1999-2000 by the Sacramento Publishers Association at their April 2000 awards presentation. (Aeonix designed the cover and interior of this book.) The cover features a marble-stone look with "carved" letters in the marble. The cover photograph was taken at the late 19th century wedding of characters in the book. The cover and interior (titles/headings) features the Lithos typeface (based on ancient Greek carvings) with additional decoration drawn from Greek architecture. Additional historic photographs of several characters are also used at the beginnings of many chapters.


Back Roads Bike Book was a redesign for the second edition of this local interest book. The original book was given a more dynamic cover by removing a 2 point ruled border 3/4" from the edge and then allowing the "road" to bleed off the edge. The interior was also given a face lift with new front matter matching the style of the cover and by adjusting the chapter headings to make the main head work with the subtitle information in a more easily understood arrangement. Click on the image to see a larger-sized display of the cover. The second book was renamed Back Roads Bicycling in... to identify it as part of a series. The new book was given a different color treatment to avoid confusion with the first book. Future books will have the same look, but use different color combinations. The yellow book was printed with black ink on bright yellow cover stock, a very economical print job. Back Roads Bicycling... was designed and printed as a two-color job. The colors can be changed for other titles in the series... so the books will have a series resemblance, yet still be distinct with each in its own color.

Mountain Biking In New Jersey is the latest cover for Freewheeling Press, publisher of the Back Roads Bicycling series. This book presents the best off-road bicycle rides in the Garden State. From the nearly level rail trail beside the Delaware to the Challenging single track of the Round Valley Recreation Area, you'll find routes for novice and expert alike. (Gosh, being from California, I didn't know that New Jersey even had any mountains!) Find out about the books from Freewheeling Press at their web site.





Discovering The Natural Laws That Govern The Universe by Ralph Jordan. The natural laws are in effect at all times. They do not know cultural, ethnic, religious, social, educational, or economic differences. They apply to young and old, rich and poor. They know only equality. This premise, in itself, suggests the great benefit man willg ain as he familiarizes himself with these eternal principles.

Rev. Ralph D. Jordan, DD, was born in Chicago, educated in traditional religion and metaphysical philosophies. REv. Jordan holds ministerial and doctoral degrees from several associations. Learn more about Discovering The Natural Laws That Govern The Universe at Inner Perceptions' web site.





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