Samples of Recent Book Covers

Here are samples of some recent books or covers that have been produced at Aeonix Publishing Group (click on the thumbnail for a larger image of most of these covers).


Living and Working In Paradise: Why Housing Is Too Expensive and What Communities Can Do About It by William Hettinger is an authoritative look at "housing intervention" programs in several resort communities that were used to reserve some "affordable" housing for local residents. Popular resort communities have become magnet locations for second homes purchased by the well-to-do. This tends to drive housing prices higher -- while the first reaction is positive as local people, who are leaving the area, can sell their property for good prices. Eventually, the community suffers as those who work in local businesses are unable to afford to live in the area, causing lengthy commutes and lower standards of living. This book describes the methods that some communities have used to overcome the problems and enable workers to again live in the community.

The cover is based on a photo by the author, taken at Martha's Vineyard, one of the communities featured in the book. The type was selected to compliment the typography inside the book and to accommodate the somewhat long title. Type colors were selected for good contrast with a complementary pallet to the colors in the photo.



The workings of disturbed human minds, March 10, 2004 -- Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - Soldiers Of God: Primal Emotions And Religious Terrorists by former academician, neurobiologist, psychologist, and biotechnology expert Jay D. Glass, deftly examines the human motivations that can so bend a person's mind as to make them give up their lives and/or kill for their concept of God. From the anti-anxiety effects of faith; to the religious maskings and sanctioned cravings of violent, rapacious, homicidal behaviors; to wanting to be somebody that motivate human beings to their core, Soldiers Of God is a harsh yet insightful look at the workings of disturbed human minds which is specifically written so as to be of interest to the academic community and fully accessible to the non-specialist general reader. Soldiers Of God is especially recommended reading for students of the Psychology of Religion, and a seminal contribution to International Terrorism Studies reference collections.

The cover features a hand-grenade falling into flames on a blue background. Optical effects on the type give the appearance of embossing and help make the title stand out. This is a 6 x 9 inch soft cover.





Dawson's Gift is a mother's story of religious rededication and the realization of a mother's promise. Dawson Bell, was a hard-partying, motorcycle-riding, young man, who suffered severe heart problems in his mid-twenties, was hospitalized and was being kept alive on a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) while waiting for a heart transplant. Both the son (who realized that his body's reaction to alcohol was the source of his severe health situation) and his mother reconnect to their faith in God and put their respective futures in His hands. This book chronicles the emotional highs and lows that accompany any life-threatening physical affliction and gives you a sense of the grueling experience associated with modern medicine's promises and failures as the wait for a transplant heart goes on. Ultimately, this is a story of spiritual renewal and hope.

This cover was devised by taking a photo of Dawson, isolating the primary subject from the background and overlaying it into a forest scene (from a stock photo). Additional lighting effects serve to give a somewhat ethereal appearance, but we strived to avoid making Damson appear "ghostly." The title is enhanced by "gold" and "embossing" effects to make it sparkle without resorting to expensive foil stamping. Likewise, the author's name is enhanced with a "chrome" look to enhance a sparkling look to the front cover type. The book is published in hard cover with a dust jacket.



Don't Pull The Plug: A Lesson In Life started out as a series of essays in magazines and was developed into a book for the severely disabled. It's a collection of essays about a stroke, rehabilitation, empowerment, living and dying, cats, spiders, horses, aliens, and sex. Author Tom Matola says that after surviving a severe stroke, "I wanted to share with others the ways I found to deal with the ensuing disability, including not only dependency issues and depression, but also joy in living a full life." His co-author and companion Roberta Johnson says, "As Tom's care giver, I joined in wanting to share my experience with not only the travail, but the pleasures of living with a disabled person."

The cover started as a rough sketch and combines elements of the coast line, the ocean, and the sun. A 'heart monitor' trace runs across the cover about 1/4 of the way from the top and an electrical plug with the international "no" symbol superimposed is in the upper right corner. Various clip art elements are combined with vector drawings in Adobe Illustrator to create the basic cover. Drop shadows are used behind the type to both soften the sharp edges and to "float" the text over the background image. Colors were selected to maximize contrast with the background so that the cover will be readable from a distance. This is a 6 x 9 softcover.




How to Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy by Mike Van Horn is a helpful book for the entreuprenuer who's trying to improve his/her business, yet still maintain a reasonable lifestyle. It has many helpful tips, techniques, and suggestions to make your small business better.

This cover features a cartoon drawn by an accomplished cartoonist. The cartoon was separated from its background and overlaid on a yellow to green graduated background in Photoshop.The cartoon was given a drop shadow to help it stand free from the background. Likewise, the type (also set in Photoshop) was given embossing and drop shadow effects to help them stand out. Type was sized to quickly communicate the message of the title.








Fire Mountian: A Tale Above The Napa Valley is a work of fiction based in Northern California's "Wine Country." This is a great tale of intrigue and murder. Richard Blanchard also wrote Mounted in the City by the Bay. That cover is featured on one of the following pages of samples (link below).

The cover features a vineyard from a stock photo modified in Photoshop to look somewhat "painterly." The profile of the Mountain in the background has been modified to reflect the actual mountain featured in the book. The type was selected for good readability and the color was choosen for good contrast with the background.










Interior Design Samples

These are page images as posted on the web site. These links were active at the time this page was modified, but may become unconnected due to changes beyond my control. Try going to the web site and searching for the book titles and authors as listed. These links will open a new window in your web browser.

Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom by Michele Payton. This book was one of the first I did with InDesign (ID Version 1.5)

"Soul"utions: Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Spiritual Balance with Soul by Michele Payton. The cover was created from an illustration provided by the author, but Aeonix provided the typography. (This book interior was typeset using InDesign Version 2.x)

Relax, You're Already Perfect: 10 Spiritual Lessons to Remember by Bruce Schneider

Eye of the Bear by Naida West (This book had a very long text. The design maximized the amount of material per page... we used 'run in chapters' to also minimize the amount of "wasted" space. Even so, the book ran some 630 pages.)

Martyrs' Tomb by Mack R. Hicks. Cover painting by the author, cover typography by Aeonix.

Making Rain: An Adventure in the Law by Jerry Sears. The cover design is on the next page of sample covers (see link below).

Non-Confrontational Power Selling by David Jacobson. This is one of the earlier books I produced. It was typeset using PageMaker. (I now use InDesign for book design and layout.) The cover design is on the next page of sample covers (see link below).


Select this link to look at more sample covers.

There are many issues in creating and publishing a professional-looking book to be sold in book stores, specialty shops or through direct mail and the Internet. The business consultants, publications designers and typographers at Aeonix Publishing Group can help you with producing your book. We can give you advice, as a consultant or trainer, or we can produce a complete camera-ready book for you. We also can design covers and marketing materials for your book. In addition, we can help you prepare RFQs for printers and evaluate the bids you receive and give you guidance with tax issues, marketing, and distributing your book.

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